Wednesday, September 8, 2010

simply complicated

there's no words or explanation for the way i act and feel sometimes. i've always considered myself a happy person- but i've realized now that that's only when i'm moving toward a goal. when there is nothing to work for, there's nothing for me to be happy about. more so, when i'm not dancing there's nothing to be happy about. but i can't dance right now. God has not given me the opportunity to do so yet. so i'll wait. but for now, i want to be happy.

so i've started this blog. to hopefully let my creative juices flow and to give me something to do in my spare time (besides stalk people on facebook, because let's face it, i'm sick of seeing my high school friend's babies and partying lifestyles that are going to get them no where in life). so here it is: my attempt to regain happiness and simplicity in my blessed life that i'm having a hard time appreciating at this time.

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